I love the definition of people's names in the Bible, it seems to give insight

to the person's character. Good example is Pontius Pilate Lk.3:1;

     Pontius - means "belonging to the sea". He made his decision to crucify

                   Christ because the sea (society) forced him to. Mt.27:24;

    Pilate - means "one armed with a dart". He is the one who had the final

                  decision over Jesus' death. Jn.19:10; 

     Herod - means "the glory of the skin/flesh",  fits well since all Herods were

                  materially focused. Lk.3:19,20;

    Saul - means "demanding one". Ac.8:3; Full of pride in his understanding of OT.

    Paul - means "little. The demanding one humbles himself.

    Simon -  means "hearing".  Peter - "little rock, stone";  Simon wasn't one for

                  listening so Jesus changed his name to Peter because he had rocks

                  in his ears.     See article on Do You Love Jesus Jn.21:15-17;

                  See also Gospel of Ruth, Genealogies of Genesis, about name def.



     EKKLESIA - means "assembly" but we translate it as church, an English word

                  created to refer to a place of Christian worship. Not a true translation.

                  An assembly could happen anywhere, it is about people not location.

     XRITOS - means "anoint" but we transliterate it as Christ. In the OT they anointed

                   three offices which Jesus holds, Prophet, Priest, King.

                   MESSIAH - means "anoint" but we transliterate from the Hebrew.

     BAPTIDZW - means "immerse but we transliterate it as baptism..