Too many get focused on was it really alcoholic wine or not, bogging down on this makes

one lose the sight of what the true lesson is.  I also don't believe the key lesson is Jesus'

superiority over the physical elements.


Mary knows Jesus is leaving to begin His ministry, He must have told her of His baptism

by John and His receiving the Holy Spirit. His birthday was a few weeks away, He would be

turning 30, making Him old enough to be accepted as a teacher. Time for one last event

before He goes to Jerusalem to start His 3 year ministry at the Passover. Jn.2:13;


The event runs out of wine, Mary knowing Jesus had the Holy Spirit, believing He could do

anything, tells Him the problem, then she says to the servants, "Whatever He says do it."

Which is a great bit of advice we ourselves should always follow. So He tells them to fill

the 6 stone waterpots to the brim, these were there for the Jewish custom of purification.

Draw out and take it to the headwaiter, who is surprised saying, "The best wine is always

served first, then the poorer wine last."



SIX -  means incomplete, always falls short of perfection number 7. In Hebrews

          we are taught there is a better covenant, Heb.8:7,13;

STONE - is what the Old Testament was written on.

WATER - represents the Word of God OT.

The OT was good for purifying the exterior but not the heart of a man. Heb.9:13,14;

Having the jars filled means all of the OT can be transformed into the best wine.

The water changes to wine when it was transported by obedient servants to those

needing it. Jesus opens our hearts to understand what the OT is saying Jn.16:7-15;


The OT is pointing to the Messiah but people cannot understand unless someone

with insight, someone who has been taught shows the way, Ac.8:30,31;

Jesus came as our Light Jn.1:5; for us to see and understand the Truth. He doesn't

want us to wash our exterior bodies but He wants us to wash our hearts by taking

in the water of the Word of God, so it can cleanse and transform our hearts, Ro.12:1f;


Jesus then goes to Jerusalem and cleanses the temple, saying, 'Stop making it an

emporium, a place of business.' Your physical body is the temple of God 1Cor.6:19;

who dwells in you Ro.8:9; Fill up on the word of God and it will become the living water

of Jn.4:14; activated by the HS Jn.7:37-39; This Living Water inside helps us to cleanse

the Temple of God, quit being a place of business, do not view the world as a profit to be

gained, view it as lost souls to be saved. Mt.16:24-28;


Jesus does not reveal Himself to closed hearts who are seeking after things of the world,

realize He knows your heart. Jn.2:24; I have to rise up above the initial purpose of the OT

with its physical teachings on how to worship God via the Jewish system. I have to open

my eyes to see how the OT points to Christ and He is every where I look in OT Jn.5:46,47;


Paul in his preaching was proving who Jesus was using the OT and people were converted

because Paul was an obedient servant, taking the OT, the water to the people and as they

received it, it became wine, they could see Christ and believe in Him through what is

understood from the OT. Ac.17:10,11;


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