What day was Jesus crucified - Wednesday or Friday?

To save reading this entire post my wife pointed out to me, how simple it really is by

referring to Mt.20:19; Lk.9:22; 18:33; Ac.10:40; and many other verses which simply,

say, "on the third day He will be raised."  If Jesus was raised on the first day of the

week, Sunday, then Saturday was day 2, and Friday was day 1. If He didn't die on

Friday then He wasn't raised on the third day. Do we need more, I wish my wife had

come in sooner, the rest of this post is my reasoning.


A few people state that the 14th of Nissan fell on the Wednesday because of the full moon,

therefore Jesus was crucified on Wednesday. But astronomical calculations show that

the 14th could have fallen on Friday, making Thursday night the Passover meal and

the crucifixion on Friday. See the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Vol.1 p.689

to confirm this.


The gospels do say Jesus was crucified on the day of preparation for the Sabbath,

which is always a Friday. Mk.15:42; Lk.23:54; Jn.19:14,31,42;  Some people make the

mistake by saying you can have multiple Sabbaths in one week. They err because they

call the 14th of Nissan (Friday) a Sabbath when it can only called a holy assembly, or holy

convocation. Ex.12:16; Lev.23:7; Num.28:16-18; It cannot be a Sabbath for Sabbath

means 7 referring to 7th day of the week. You cannot have two Sabbaths in one week,

but you can have a holy convocation as taught in the OT.


Now if you accept the 14th of Nissan to be Friday, then the 15th of Nissan falls on the

Saturday, falls on the Sabbath that year, thus making that Sabbath a GREAT Sabbath

because it is also a holy convocation as John claims in Jn.19:31; John also calls the

Friday, Jn.19:14;  "day of preparation for the Passover."  Passover refers to the whole

religious feast, Lk.22:1; And in Jn.19:42; "he calls it the day of preparation", since the

tomb was nearby, they laid Jesus there.'

In Jn.12:1;  Six days before the Passover they came to Bethany. Counting  backwards from

Friday the 14th, puts you on Sunday, the day they travelled from Jericho to Bethany and

had a dinner that night at Lazarus' home. If Thursday was day He was crucified then they

traveled on the Sabbath. Since He had dinner at Lararus' home on Sunday, it was Monday

that Jesus rode in to Jerusalem on the donkey, not Palm Sunday but really Palm Monday.

Since Friday was the 14th, Monday was the 10th which was Jesus birthday, the day all

Israel picks a lamb for the slaughter and in rides Jesus as they shout Hosanna! They have

selected their Lamb of God.  Ex.12:3-6;

Finally many struggle with the 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth. Mt.12:40;

and they place the crucifixion on Wednesday to try and obtain a perfect 72 hours for

Jesus to be in Hades. To the Jews a partial day equals a whole day. Jesus died when

the darkness was on the land, one historian claims the stars came out it was so dark,

night? He died at 3 PM and went straight to Hades. what does Jesus say to the thief,

Today you will be with Me in Paradise! Lk.23:43; That Friday afternoon, sun comes

back, day again, then Friday at 6 we have Sat. night, Sat. Day, then 6pm Sunday night

and Jesus rises Sunday morning.


There you have 3 nights and 3 days, I totally accept his 3 hrs on Friday as a full day

(not needing the darkness explanation) and rising on the first day of the week as a full

day as well. But some are literalist so they will demand placing His crucifixion on Wednesday

making Him, Thur, Fri. Sat. Sun. making Him to be 4 days and 4 nights which if that

was the case, why didn't God just say so? That would also make Jesus rise on the 4th day,

which really goes against scriptures as we saw earlier.


A perfect 72 hours demands you accept His burial to be at 6 PM  Wednesday so as not to

count Wednesday denying Jesus statement to the thief. And Jesus had to rise at 6PM early

Sunday night, Late Sat. afternoon so as not to count Sunday. I think there is a reason it has

always been accepted that His death was on Friday, because the Bible points to the fact that

He did die Friday and rose on the 1st day of the week. Once you demand literal interpretation

of the text, where do you stop?


Can we use multiple cups or is only one cup sanctioned by God. Do we all have to sell

everything, give to the poor and to be faithful Christians or was that only commanded to

that one rich man? Who here hasn't sinned with his eyes or with his hands and yet you

have not cut them off, have you? No I certainly hope not. We have to reason with the text.


Is proper interpretation of scripture important, lets just say the reason there are so many

denominations is because people didn't care about how important interpreting the Bible

really is. There is but one Truth, not two. And the logic and reasoning of innocents is the

best way to discover that Truth. Mt.18:3 "Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and

become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven."


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