Eph.2:5,8; Ac.15:11;




1Cor.1:21; 7:16; 9:22;




Mk.16:16; Ac.16:31;





1Cor.1:18; Ja.1:21;





Ac.2:21; 4:12;




Ac.2:21; Ro.8:2 4;



Mt.1:21; Ro.5:9-10; 1Tim.1:15;



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2Th.2:10; 1Tim.4:16;



From this chart one can see there are nine things that are essential to our coming to Christ.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have an active part in our salvation. The Christian in the world

today plays an essential part as well in our being able to come to Christ. Finally the sinner

himself must have faith, hope and love in order to be saved. No one belief, no one act, but

when all nine become real in my life salvation happens at a key time of one's life, when one

is immersed into water as an obedient act to God's command, then our sins are forgiven

and the HS dwells within the believer and they are then a new creature in Christ.


FATHER'S GRACE - the grace of God has always existed from the very beginning 1Tim.1:9;

It has been His plan from the beginning to make a creature in His image and to share the

love the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have always had for all of eternity. Grace - unmerited favor,

we do not deserve the opportunity for life but God gave it to us and we definitely do not deserve

forgiveness but by His grace we are saved.


HOLY SPIRIT'S WORD - The HS is the person of the Godhead through whom the written Word of God

was given. He guided the writers into all Truth 1Pe.1:10-11; so we can know we have the inspired word

1Tim.3:16; He continues today to work with us, Jn.14:16-21; 16:7-11; Ro.8:9-14; 8:26-27; 1Cor.2:12-16;

1Jn.2:26-27; There HS uses the Word to guide us and He will not go beyond the Words of the Bible,

there is no modern day revelations from God, Gal.1:6-9; Rev.22:18-19; But the HS makes the Bible very

much alive to us, Jn.4:13-14; 7:37-39; Heb.4:12;


JESUS' SACRIFICE - Saved by the blood of Christ, nothing is cleansed without blood, and His love for us,

took Him all the way to the cross. Heb.12:2; Php.2:5-11; Planed from the beginning of time.


So we are saved by God from our sins and given eternal life because of the work of the Godhead,

the Father's grace, the Spirit's Word and Jesus' sacrifice. But there is another person involved in

our salvation and that is the work of a Christian. Which is also necessary for our redemption.


A CHRISTIAN'S VOICE - we are the voice of Christ for the world to hear. Ro.10:17; people need to

hear the Truth from a Christian, Ac.8:30-31; We need to be out sowing the seed, Mk.4:13-20;


JESUS NAME - in the name of Jesus means by the authority of Jesus. Because of what Jesus has done,

He has all authority, Mt.28:18-20; by this authority we are able to go into all the world making disciples of

the nations. Many others go into the world trying to spiritually save souls, but there are only a few you can

trust in and it is those who do so by the authority of Jesus. If they come in another name, in their own name,

they have no authority and what they do is in vain. Only a Christian has the authority by which your soul can

be saved. 2Cor.5:20;


BAPTISM - the Christian is the one who has the authority to immerse a lost soul into water, Mt.28:18-20;

in so doing the person receives forgiveness of all past sins, Ac.2:38-39; 22:16; Col.2:11-13; Buried with

Christ brings us into contact spiritually, with the blood of Christ Ro.6:3-7; This is an obedient act of man to

the commandment of God, the moment we are translated into the kingdom of Christ Col.1:13; Baptism is

essential for salvation as are all nine of the points listed above. Anyone wishing to argue against it being

essential is arguing against the scriptures and is using Satan's #1 lie - "Indeed has God said?" Gen.3:1;

"Indeed God has said!"


So we see there is a work for the Christian to do to help one to be saved. If Christians do not let their voices

heard, souls will perish and it is only by the authority of Jesus found in the scriptures by which we can act.

Now we turn our attention to the lost soul who himself has a part to play in his salvation.


SINNERS FAITH - so obvious, but absolutely essential is for the one seeking eternal life, to believe that

Jesus is the Son of God, Mt.16:16-18; 1Tim.6:12; To believe He is the Messiah, that all of the Old Testament

as well as the New Testament is inspired by God and Jesus is the fulfillment of the OT. If one doesn't believe,

he can be baptized, attend all the services he wants but he is not saved.


SINNER'S HOPE - faith is our conviction, mental ascension, but God calls for action, to repent, change our

way of thinking, to quit sinning, be baptized, wash away our sins, then lead a righteous life style. Faith alone

is dead Ja.2:17-20; Do we earn our salvation? No! We reflect our faith by our works by obedience to God as

seen in Ro.6:15-19; Hope is action, now that I am a child of God, I am going to act like a child of God 1Jn.3:4-10;

God disciplines us through His word, if I chose to disobey, I receive no discipline and am an illegitimate child

Heb.12:7-11; Why else does Paul say Php.2:12; We can lose our salvation Heb.6:4-8; Rev.3:5; Mt.7:21-23;


SAINT'S LOVE - love is seeking the best for another, expecting nothing in return. Jesus came to seek and

save the lost, this is our mandate, to be our brother's keeper. 1Cor.13:13; the greatest is love. Jn.13:34-35;



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