The Bible does not affirm, nor argue for the existence of the Trinity

but through solid study, the nature of God is revealed to the disciple

of Christ. Jesus  is the light that helps us to fully understand the OT.


The Jews did not, could not understand the concept of the Trinity,

though it is seen in the OT, a person needs to know Christ to

understand the teachings of the OT.

The OT is like a dark room in which you can barely identify what

some of the objects are and with most, you make a guess but once

Christ, the True Light enters your life now you can see clearly what

the objects are and represent. 1Cor.13:12;

So let us discover the truth of the Godhead by reasoning with the



There is but One God - Dt.6:4; Isa.44:6; Mk.12:29;                                      

                                      Ro.3:30; 1Cor.8:4; 1Tim.2:5;

       The Father is God - Jn.6:27; 11:41; 20:17; 

                                      1Cor.8:6; Gal.1:1; Php.1:2; 2:11

       Jesus is God -         Isa.40:3; Mt.3:3; Jn.1:1; 10:30;

                                       Ro.9:5;  Jn.20:28; 1Jn.5:20;

       The Holy Spirit is God -  Ac.5:3-4;  Mt.28:19; Jn.14:6;

                                       Ro.8:11;  2Cor.13:14; 1Pe.1:2; 1Cor.3:16;

So from the NT texts we see God is 3 distinct personalities

and each has a separate role to play in the working with mankind.


Gen.1:26; Gods / Us / Our - all 3 are plural, Why? (Gen.3:22; 11:7;)

Hebrew word for God is ELOHIM which is plural but translated singular.

In an age when men struggled with polytheism, why use plural forms?

Why not use singular forms so the people would not be confused?

The Bible is all about Truth, not deception nor manipulation, therefore

God is plural in His nature, and we are created in that image 1Th.5:23;


Isa.43:10-11; 45:5-6; 46:9; Explain - Isa.48:12; (Rev.1:17) Isa.48:16;

To understand one must believe in the Trinity to make sense of vs.16

See Mt.22:41-46; explanation is to realize the Messiah existed before David

and was born miraculously after David.


Mt.28:19; in the name of... NAME is singular, why?

Into the name of means:

      - to get into a relationship and communion with all "Three".

      - to be dependent upon and subject to all "Three".


ICor.12:4-6; all three mentioned

2Cor.13:14; prayer addressed to all three.

1Pet.1:2;  Peter identifies all three in His introduction.


Scriptures showing all Three at one time

     Mary's conception Lk.1:30-35;

     Jesus baptism Mt.3:16-17;

     Stephens stoning Ac.7:55-59;



God dwells in His children 1Jn.4:15,16;

     The Father dwells in us Jn.14:23;

     Jesus dwells in us Ro.6:11; 8:10; 2Cor.5:17;

                                   Gal.2:20; 3:26; Eph.1:1; 3:16;

     The Holy Spirit dwells in us Ac.2:38; 5:32; Ro.8:11;

                                   1Cor.6:19;  2Cor.1:22; Gal.4:6;

Indwelling follows our belief and obedience to the Word. Ac.2:38;

Because we are children of God Gal.4:6; not to become children

of God. We are His children because we have obeyed.


Scriptures proving distinction between Father and Son:

Jn.5:23,26; Jn. 4:34; 6:38; Jn.6:39; 10:29; Jn.15:1; Jn.8:54;

Jn.20:17; Jn.10:36; Jn.14:28; Lk.23:46; Mt.16:16-17;

Ro.10;9-10; Jn.8:16-18; Jn.5:31-37; 2Jn.9;


Scriptures proving distinction between Holy Spirit and Jesus

Mt.12:28,32; Jn.5:36; 15:26; 16:13,14;

Jn.14:18 (1Pe.1:11; Php.1:19; Ac.16:6-7; Mt.28:20)


If Jesus is God, why is the Father greater than Him?

     Jn.14:28; Mt.24:36;

Jesus laid down His godly attributes to take on form of a man.

     Php.2:5-8; 2Cor.8:9; Mt.20:28; Jn.1:14;

After His resurrection, all power and authority were restored to Him

     Mt.28:18; Eph.1:20-22; Php.2:9-11; Col.2:9-10; 1Pe.3:21-22;


I believe that H2O the water molecule best illustrates the Trinity of God.

Water comes in three states - solid, liquid, gas but all three are water.

1. Solid - Jesus is the physical manifestation of God,

2. Liquid - The Father is everywhere, always in control.

3. Gas - the holy Spirit cannot be seen but His influence can.

Important - all three are water but the solid is never liquid and never gas.

Three distict states, three distinct personalities, with three distinct roles.

No illstration can perfectly explain the Trinity since god involves 4 demensions

and we live in a three dimensioanl world. Length, width, height. When one

adds depth to the equation I think one becomes spiritual in their thinking.

Depth seems to be a projection into the unknown based on the known.


I can know God whom I cannot experience with my senses because His

Word invites me to see into the spiritual realm, and through His Son I

can become a part of that realm, even today.






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