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Geneologies Of Genesis

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An amazing demonstration of evidence that God had to have written Genesis, by the message seen in the genealogies when one translates the names from Hebrew to English.

Proverb 25:2; It is the glory of God to conceal a matter
                        it is the glory of kings to search out a matter.



       ADAM                            MAN
       SETH                       APPOINTED
      ENOSH                        MORTAL
      KENAN                      BEGOTTEN                      Jn.1:18;
    MAHALAEL             PRAISE OF GOD                  Mt.17:5;
      JARED              HE THAT DESCENDS               Jn.3:13;
      ENOCH                      TEACHER                         Mt.23:8;
METHUSELAH           SHALL BE SENT                    Jn.3:16,17;
     LAMECH                 OVERTHROW                       Heb.2:15;
       NOAH                          REST                              Heb.4:10;


"Man is appointed mortal." "The Begotten, the Praise of God,

He that descends, a Teacher, shall be sent to overthrow giving rest."


The author being Moses could not have written this list of names knowing

what the sentence meant. But when we understand Christ and His sacrifice

then the NT opens it up for our understanding.


Only knowing Christ gives us insight to the Begotten, who is the Praise of God,

and it was the Lord who descended from heaven, sent by God, to overthrow sin

and give us rest in this lifetime from our battles and stress with sin which we have

no control over but now we have rest because we have forgiveness, thanks to

the Begotten.


Paul used the OT to reason with the Jews to prove Jesus was the Messiah.

I wonder if he ever used the genealogies this way to help prove his point?


Enoch the teacher, number 7 on the list, was taken but we know he didn't go

to heaven Jn.3:13; He was taken at the age of 365 he lived a year of years

and taken to Hades Lk.16:19f; Why? My belief is, he was a teacher with incredible

insight as we see in Jude 14,15; And who is lonely in need of some insights to

what was going on? Abel!


Who knows how long Abel's been in Hades, it doesn't seem many have died

knowing the length of years of lives. So was Enoch, who walked with God taken

when the wickedness of man was increasing and was he needed elsewhere to

comfort those already taken? Interesting where insights to meanings of names

can lead you. Not saying it is correct but it sure makes me think about my brother

Enoch and adds a little more depth to my Biblical understandings.


What's it all good for, to challenge us to go even further into the rabbit hole than

we ever thought possible. (Matrix lovers)


"All the Men of the Bible" by Herbert Lockyer, Zondervan


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