This was made into a popular little book, which made someone rich.

But the problem is, the book misleads everyone who believes this interpretation.

"Since God answered Jabez's prayer we should do the same and ask God to

make us healthy and rich, for God doesn't want His people poor."


The gospel of health and wealth is not Biblical.


Jabez prayed for riches and wealth, protection and health, and God granted his

request. But this prayer was a curse not a blessing! Jabez prayed for himself,

in a book of genealogies he had none. He got physical blessings but no family

to pass it all along to, no children.


The Hebrew word translated 'honorable' also translates "heavy", he was heavy,

that's why he pained his mom, he was a big fat baby at birth. Jabez was not

honorable he was selfish, he prayed for himself.


And we are selfish as well if we pray the prayer of Jabez..  We are Christians,

we have eternal life, why pray for yourself, pray for others.  Why do we want

riches and wealth, it is hard for the rich man to enter into heaven. Why pray

for protection and health, God is always with us?


How often do we pray for wisdom and for spiritual health?

How often do we pray for the kingdom to grow in our ministry?

Pray yes - but for family, friends and the lost, not for yourself,

if you have eternal life with God what more do you need? 1Jn.5:13; 


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