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Geneologies Of Genesis

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An amazing demonstration of evidence that God had to have written Genesis, by the message seen in the genealogies when one translates the names from Hebrew to English.

Prov. 25:2; It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;
                    it is the glory of kings to search out a matter.


 HEBREW NAME                 ENGLISH NAME              NT INSIGHT

         CAIN                             FABRICATION                    Mk.7:7;
       ENOCH                              TEACHER                       2Tim.4:3;
        IRAD                             WILD DONKEY                   Php.3:18,19;
    MEHUJAEL                  GOD IS COMBATING             2Cor.10:5;
 METHUSHAEL                     MAN OF GOD                   Gen.4:7;
     LAMECH                          OVERTHROW                   Rev.3:20-22;
      JABAL                             GLIDES AWAY                   Heb.2:1-3;
     JUBAL                                 PLAYING                         2Tim.4:10;


"Fabrication of teachers, wild donkeys, God is combating."

"Man of God overthrow: gliding away, playing away, flowing from fabrication."


If teachers do not teach the Truth but only tickle the ears, their students will

end up being wild donkeys and this is what God is fighting against, false teachings.


The last 3 names are Lamechs sons so they are grouped to together as 3 temptations.

Gliding away = drifting from teachings of God's Word.

Playing away = world of entertainment (movies, sports etc.)

Flowing from fabrication = academia that which teaches evolution, denies Bible.


I am not against researching and asking questions of God's word but we have

to stay within its parameters and not wander from the Truth.

I am not against entertainment but it must keep its moral compass and too much

of one thing can be detrimental to one's spiritual health, an obsession possibly.

I am not against academia, the search of knowledge, provided it doesn't override

and devalue the importance of Biblical studies.


Cain which means fabrication may give insight to God rejecting his offering Gen.4:5;

Faith comes by hearing Ro.10:17; By faith Able offered a better sacrifice Heb.11:4;

Therefore God had to have told both of them what was needed to be sacrificed,

by faith Abel obeyed and offered what God commanded. Cain fabricated, gave what

he thought would be pleasing instead of obeying and his offering was rejected.

What was needed on his part was to admit his mistake and do right next time but

jealousy kicks in and he kills his brother Abel whose name means vapor.

As James says in Jm.4:14;


Names are important to God and very insightful for us as we seek out that which

God has concealed only to be revealed to those who diligently seek Him Heb.11:6;

See the study on Ruth to realize importance of names to understand the book.


Moses wrote this in 1440 BC, educated by Egyptians, how in the world did he know

how to make a sentence using people's names? Moses couldn't have written this on

his own, obviously this is another piece of evidence for the inspiration of the Word.


Definitions of all these names comes from Herbert Lockyer's book

"All the Men of the Bible" A very valuable tool for your bookshelf, I've enjoyed it immensely.


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