Deut.18:18,19; "I will raise up a Prophet from among their country men

 like you and I will put My words in His mouth and He shall speak to them

all that I command Him. And it shall come about that whoever will not

listen to My words which He shall speak in My Name, I Myself will

require it of him.


          MOSES                                                    JESUS
400 years of oppression          =         400 years silence since Malachi
          Gen.15:13                                                430 BC


Pharaoh kills the babies          =          Herod kills the babies.

        Ex.1:12,17,22;                                         Mt.2:16-18;


Flees from Egypt                     =          Flees to Egypt

        Ex.2:15;                                                   Mt.2:13-15;


God sent him back                  =          God sent Him back
        Ex.3:12;                                                   Mt.2:19-21;


Sent to save His people          =          Sent to save His people
        Ex.3:10;                                                  Jn.3:16-18;


Aaron intro. Moses                  =         John the Baptist intro. Jesus
        Ex.4:16, 29-31;                                       Jn.1:23, 29-36;


Rejected by the people           =          Rejected by the people
        Ex.5:21; 14:11,12;                                  Jn.5:18; 6:41,64; 8:52;


Intro. YAWEH name of God    =          Intro. Jesus as name of God
        Ex.6:3;                                                    Jn.17:6;


         10 Plagues                     =                 10 Blessings

Water to blood Ex.7:17;           =          Water to wine - Jn.2:1-11;
Brought the frogs Ex.8:2;        =          Expelled demons - Rev.16:13;
Stinging gnats Ex.8:16;           =          Forgave sin - 1Cor.15:55-57;
Swarming insects Ex.8:21;     =          Swarming people - Lk.5:15;
Pestilence Ex.9:6;                   =          Great catch fish - Lk.5:1-6;
Boils Ex.9:9;                           =           Healed all diseases - Mt.4:23-25;
Hail storm Ex.9:18;                 =          Calmed the storm - Lk.8:22-25;
Locust ate all Ex.10:4,5;         =          Jesus is bread of life - Jn.6:48-51
Darkness 3 days Ex.10:21,22 =         Jesus is light of men - Jn.1:4;
Death of 1st born Ex.11:5       =         Jesus is Passover Lamb - Jn.1:36;


Red Sea - saved the people   =         Baptism - saves the people
        Ex.14:1ff                                               1Cor.10:2;


Song of Moses                       =          Song of the Lamb
        Ex.15:1-18;                                           Rev.15:3;


Bitter water sweet with a tree =          Cross makes OT sweet
       Ex.15:22-27;                                        Lk.24:45; 2Cor.3:7-18;


Feeds people bread/quail      =          Feeds 5,000, 4,000
       Ex.16:1ff                                              Mt.14:13-21; 15:32-39;


Supplies water from a rock    =          Jesus is the Rock
        Ex.17:1-7;                                           1Cor.10:3,4


Selects 70 elders                   =          Selects 70 disciples
        Ex.18:1ff; 24:1                                     Lk.10:1-12,17-20


Spoke with God on mt.          =          Spoke with God on mt.
        Ex.19:3,8,20;                                       Lk.6:12; 9:1ff; 22:39ff


10 commandments                =         Greatest commandment
        Ex.20:1ff                                              Mk.12:29-31;


Gave attitude for people        =         Gave beatitudes for people
        Ex.21; 22; 23;                                     Mt.5;6;7;


Took 3 friends up mt.             =         Took 3 friends up the mt.
        Ex.24:15;                                            Lk.9:1;


Given design for Tabernacle =          Gave us design for the church
        Ex.25-31;                                           Ac. 1Cor. 1Tim.


Intercedes for the people     =            Intercedes for the people
         Ex.32:1ff gold calf                             Lk.23:28-31,34, 43


Prays to God for presence   =            Prays for God's presence for people
         Ex.33:1ff                                            Jn.17:1ff


Fasted 40 days                     =            Fasted 40 days
          Ex.34:28;                                          Lk.4:1,2;


Gave the people the Law      =           Gave the people the Royal Law
          Ex.34:27-29;                                     Jn.13:34; Ja.1:2


Built Tab. with 2 friends        =             Built church with 2 friends

      Bezalel, Aholiab                                    Peter, Paul


Selected 12 spies                 =             Selected 12 apostles
      Num.13:1-16;                                        Lk.6:13-16;


Willing to die for people        =             Died for all people
      Num.14:11-20;                                       Heb.9:26-28;


No knowledge of his grave   =             No grave - ascended
      Deut.34:6;                                              Ac.2:29-36;


Jn.1:45  We have found Him of whom Moses in the Law and the

 Prophets wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.


Jn.5:46  "For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for

 he wrote about Me.


Jn.7:31  But many of the multitude believed in Him and they were saying,

 "When the Christ shall come, He will not perform more signs than this

 man has will He?"


Jn.7:40 Some of the multitude therefore, when they heard these words

 were saying, "This certainly is the Prophet."



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