This is a fun exercise which makes you scan your hard drive

of Biblical information, in your head, to locate the answers.

Try not to look at the scripture references, work your memory

and see how well you do. You may be quite surprised.

Name the 3 Samaritans in the NT

               Lk.10:33;  Lk.17:15-16;  Jn.4:7;

Name the 3 fathers whose two sons were killed by God.

               Gen.38:6-10;  Lev.10:1-3; 1Sam.2:34; 4:17-18;

Name the 3 languages identifying Jesus, as He hung on the cross.


Name 3 arks found in the scriptures.

                Gen.7:1; Ex.2:3; Ex.25:10;

Name 3 times Tabernacle/Temple destroyed.

               1Sa.4:3-4; Jer.7:12; Dan.1:1; Mt.24:2;

Name the 3 murderers who were God's leaders.

               Ex.2:12; 2Sam.11:15; Ac.9:1;

Name the 3 men who had 12 sons named in Genesis.

               Gen.22:20-24; Gen.25:12-16; Gen.49:1-27;

Name the 3 men who never died.

              Gen.5:21-24; 2Kin.2:11; Heb.7:3;

Name the 3 men from the OT who came back from the grave with a message.

              1Sam.28:15-19; Mt.17:3;

Name the 3 men in the OT who committed suicide.

              1Sam.31:4; 2Sam.17:23; 1Kin.16:18;

Name the 3 men who killed their brother(s).

              Gen.4:8; Jdg 9:4-5; 2Sam.13:28-29;

Name the men who had their name changed in the NT.

             Mt.4:18; Ac.4:36; Ac.13:9;

Name the 3 men who killed a lion.

            Jdg.14:15; 1Sam.17:36; 2Sam.23:20;

Name the 3 men who fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

            Ex.34:28; 1Kin.19:8; Mt.4:2

Name the 3 men whose wives were found at a well.

           Gen.24:15; Gen.29:10; Ex.2:16-21;

Name the 3 men who were priests of God outside of Judaism.

          Gen.14:18; Ex.18:12; Num.22:9;

Name the 3 people in the OT who made a rash vow.

          Gen.27:13 (27:43); Gen.31:32 (35:19) Jdg.11:30,31 (34)

Name the 3 people who had their name changed in the OT.

          Gen.17:5; Gen.17:15; Gen.32:28

Name the 3 times when women killed men.

          Jdg.4:21; 2Sa.11:21;  2Sam.20:21,22;

Name the 3 times where we see midwives.

         Gen.35:17; Gen.38:28; Ex.1:19

Name the 3 Nazarites mentioned in the Bible.

         Jdg.16:17; 1Sam.1:11-28; Lk.1:13-15;

Name the 3 women who were raped in the Bible.

         Gen.34:2; 2Sam.13:1ff; Jdg.19:1ff;

Name the 3 places where we see women named Tamar.

        Gen.38:6; 2Sam.13:1; 2Sam.14:27;

Name the 3 times in the OT when God disturbed the sun.

        Ex.10:21-29;  Jos.10:12; 2Kin.20:9;

Name the 3 times when God fed a multitude with food left over.

        2Kin.4:43; Mt.14:13-21; Mt.15:32-39;

Name the 3 times when God speaks from heaven glorifying Jesus.

        Mt.3:17; Mt.17:5; Jn.12:28

Name the 3 times we see God in human form in Genesis.

       Gen.3:8; Gen.18:1ff; Gen.32:30;

Name the 3 times when we see God's finger writing a message.

       Ex.31:18; Dan.5:24; Jn.8:6;

Name the 3 storms where men's lives were in danger, but none perished.

       Jon. 1:1ff; Mt.8:23-27; Ac.17:27;

Name the 3 animals that talk in the Bible.

       Gen.3:1; Num.22:28; Rev.8:15

Name the 3 incidents where animals sent by God kill humans.

       1Kin.13:24; 1Kin.20:36; 2Kin.2:24

Name the 3 times where we see a scarlet thread.

        Gen.38:28; Jos.2:21; S.S.4:3;

Name the 3 men who were dead, then had their heads cut off.

       1Sam.17:51; 1Sam.31:9; 2Sam.4:7

Name the 3 men who died by having their heads chopped off.

        2Sam.20:22; 2Kin.10:6-8; Mt.14:10;

Name the 3 proper names of angels mentioned in the Bible.

        Dan.10:21; Lk.1:19; Rev.12:9;

Name the 3 times we see symbolic descriptions of Christ.

         SS.5:10-16; Dan.10:5,6; Rev.1:12-16;

Name the 3 times when God publicly consumed the offering by fire.

         Lev.9:24; 1Kin.18:38; 2Chr.7:1;

Name the 3 times we see circumcision on large groups of men.

         Gen.17:10-27; Gen.34:13-17; Jos.5:2-8;

Name the 3 times when we see Jesus coming in the clouds.

         Mt.24:30; Ac.1:11; Rev.1:7;

Name the 3 OT incidents symbolic of NT baptism.

         Gen.6-8; (1Pe.3:21) Ex.14; (1Cor.10:3) Jos.3:17;

Name the resurrections where the man laid on top of the child.

         1Kin.17:22-22; 2Kin.4:35-37; Ac.20:10;

Name the 3 wicked women found in the Bible.

         Jdg.16:4-6; 1Kin.18:13; 2Chr.22:10; 24:7;

Name the kings condemned to be eaten by dogs.

         1Kin.14:11; 1Kin.16:4; 1Kin.21:24;


Hopefully this short list is enough to point out the fact that 3's 

seem to be quite consisten in the Bible and they range from being

found in individual books to being found in the NT & OT which I

believe shows inspiration of scriptures.


God's number is three, Father; Son; Holy Spirit; Mt.28:19;

Jesus taught us three things, Faith, Hope and Love, 1Cor.13:13;

Man is a three, body, soul, spirit. 1Th.5:23;

We are living on the third planet from the sun.

Three laws of life : 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water

3 weeks without food and you die.

Grandma always used to say, "Everything happens in three's."

Secret messages? - No!  Secret meanings? - No!

Numerology? No! ; Just a easy memory tool, if you know the

number is three, it helps the memory to find the answer.

See the book of Acts for three's.



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