You cannot see God and live, so when there are physical appearances

of God in the Bible are they only an angel?  In the NT many see God and

live because Jesus is the physical manifestation of God. Jn.1:1; 20:28;

The Son of God is the physical manifestation of the Godhead which men

can see. He is seen as The Angel of The Lord, for this specific angel is

worshiped and speaks as God. One cannot worship an angel Rev.22:8,9; 

Angel simply means messenger and we know the Son of God is the Message.

When people see God in the OT the one they are seeing is the Son of God.


Gen.16:7-13; Hagar -  "You are a God who sees"

Gen.21:17-19; Hagar

Gen.22:11,15-18;  At the sacrifice of Isaac

Gen.24:40 Sending for Isaac's wife "His angel"

Gen.31:11-13; Jacob and sheep, "I am the God of Bethel"

Gen.48:15,16 Jacob's last days "The angel who has redeemed me."

See also

Gen.3:8-11;  God walked in the garden, physical presence.

Gen.18:1-33; Abraham fed the LORD (YAWEH)

Gen.32:24-30 Jacob wrestles with God, Israel - "he who wrestles with God"

Hos.12:4;  Jacob wrestled with the Angel and prevailed.


Ex.3:2f;    Moses & burning bush, God spoke from the bush

Ex.14:19; Pillar of cloud was The angel of God

Ex.23:20-23; I will send My Angel, obey His voice, My ame is in Him.

Ex.32:34; My angel will go before you.

Ex.33:2; I will send an angel


Num.22:22-35;   Balaam met the Angel,  Num.23:4,5;

Jos. 5:13 - 6:5 captain of Lord;s host - standing on holy ground.

Jdg.2:1-4;  The Angel of the Lord spoke to the people as God.

Jdg.5:23;   in Deborah's song

Jdg.6:11-24;  to Gideon, the LORD looked at him, Angel called LORD

Jdg.13:3-23 Samson's parents worshiped the Angel with sacrifice.

2Sam.14:17,20 Like the wisdom of the angel of God

2Sam.19:27; The king is like the angel of God

2Sam.24:16,17; David asking for mercy from pestilence. 1Chr.21:14-17

1Kin.19:5, 7; Elijah fleeing from Jezebel

2Kin.1:3,15;  Speaking to Elijah

2Kin.19:35;  Killed 135,000 Assyrians over night; Isa.63:1-6; Rev.19:11-16;

Ps. 34:7;  Ps.35:5,6, The angel of the Lord protects God's people

Is.63:9 The angel of His presence saved them.

Dan.3:28 The Lord has sent His angel - fiery furnace

Dan.6:22; "My God has sent His Angel to shut the lion's mouths."

See also  Dan.10:1-9 - vision of Messiah? Dan.12:5-13;

Zec.1:12;  Jesus intercedes for us, 1Tim.2:5

Zec.3:1-7; Joshua the high priest, satan and The Angel of the Lord

Zec.12:8; be like God, like the Angel of the Lord..


Note - we are not saying Jesus is an Angel, but that Jesus is

The Angel of the Lord which is better translated The Messenger of God

He is the physical manifestation of the Godhead. The HS is the spirit form

of the Godhead we cannot see. The Father is the form of God which men

cannot see and live because while in our mortal bodies we cannot look

upon the Father in His immortal form, His glory is more than physical man

can take in.




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