Separate from all other created things, man is made in God's image.

Let Us - Gen.1:27; 3:22; 11:7; points to the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

ELOHIIM is Hebrew for God, is plural, Gods; Mt.28:19; 2Cor.13:14; Ti.2:13;

Us cannot refer to angels, angels not equal to God.


Man is a triune human being, we have three parts: 1Th.5:23

1. Body - Intelligence (brain) - animals have instinct, we can contemplate.

2. Soul   - Imagination - we think outside of the box, beyond death.

3. Spirit - Emotions - the same as God, jealous, hatred, love, joy etc.  


God has created us with the ability to come to know Him, all we need to do

is seek for Him. Men are created equal in God's eyes. We can fill up with JOY

because He has given us the opportunity to know Him for eternity and all

we have to do is obey His Word which He has given to us.



Peace comes when we are in fellowship with God through His word and

in fellowship with others. Fellowship is sharing the Truth of His word with

those around us and when we do we are at peace in our souls. Not the

peace of this world, for there will always be wars, but the peace of Christ

which He gives to us, Jn.14:27;


Gen.2 is a detailed explanation of how God created man on Day Six.

Man is made from dust Gen.2:7; we did not evolve from the ocean, our chemical

make-up is not compatible with ocean creatures. Man is a dirt bag.

God makes the garden for man to live in and it is here God fashions woman

from the rib, to be his helper, not his slave, nor his boss, two become one.


In Paradise man is at peace:

1. Man walks with God - God is physical, so it must be the Christ, Gen.3:8;

2. Man walks with creation - Gen.2:15; Adam first gardener.

3. Man walks with woman - Gen.1:28 be fruitful and multiply.


Age theory - though man is minutes old, he can name the animals, communicate

with God and multiply with woman. But ask any scientist and he would say Adam

would have to be at least 16 years old, but he wasn't, he was created with age.


The world, the universe looks billions of years old, they are not, they were created

with age. So is God is a great deceiver, for He made it look old and yet it is not old?

No deception here, because God told us how long it took Him, your problem is

not enough faith to believe Him. In fact the deceivers are those who say God

said it took 6 days but in reality He lied, it's all myth, it really took billions of years.


Gen.3:1 Satan's number one scheme to make us sin is, "Indeed has God said?"

Satan places doubt in the heart of Eve, doubt replaces trust (faith) and destroys

your soul. Ja.1:5-8;


Evolutionists say "Indeed has God said, He made the world in 6 days?"

Christians respond with "Indeed God has said, He made the world in 6 days."

Anyone who says otherwise, denies "THE TRUTH" of God's Word and teaches

"THE LIE". Ro.1:25; (Eph.4:25; 2Th.2:11;)



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