3 sins lead up to the flood:

1. Sin of Adam - partaking of the forbidden fruit. Gen.3:6;
       Satan's number one tool - DOUBT - "Indeed has God said?"
      The Christians response "Indeed God HAS said!"
       Mt.4:4,7,10; Jesus teaches trust in the Word - "It is written.."
      This is how to defeat temptation.

Temptation of Eve: 1Jn.2:16; Gen.3:6;
     1. Lust of the eye - saw the tree was good for food.
     2. Lust of the flesh - delight to the eyes (she wanted it)
     3. Boastful Pride of Life - it was desirable to make one wise.
     Adam's sin was to follow Eve's stumble.

2. Sin of Cain - killed his brother. Gen.4:8;
     Cain's name means 'fabrication'. They were told what to sacrifice by

     God in Heb.11:4; by faith Abel offered a better sacrifice. Faith comes

     by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ, Ro,.10:17; So instead of

     obedience Cain fabricated his offering which is unacceptable to God.

     If your going to worship God then you have to do it by being obedient

     to the New Testament. Man made changes are a fabrication and

     condemned by God. See genealogy study in OT Studies.

3. Sin of the Sons of God - married the daughters of men Gen.6:1-3;

     Sons of God are Seth's lineage, Gen.4:26; Daughter's of men from Cain's lineage.

     The godly married the ungodly, for their beauty and morals disappeared.

     Today the same is playing out, marriage is falling off, immorality on the rise

     People see with their eyes not with their mind, disaster is inevitable.

Took 100 years to build the ark, Gen.5:32; 7;6 whole world flooded, only 8 souls survived.

Local flood theory, makes God to be foolish, why build an ark, just walk away from the flood zone.



In 1Pe.3:18-20; this text is saying, Christ, alive in the Spirit, preached to those in Noah's day,


through the preaching of Noah. They had a chance and rejected it. The ark can hold 550


box cars from a train. It would take 150 to hold all the animals, including the dinosaurs,


of which babies would be placed on the ark. Leaving 400 box cars for food and??


More room for those who would repent! But no one did. God flooded the world to eliminate


the sinfulness of men, which it is estimated that there were 1 billion souls at the time,


to protect the righteous.


Effects of Flood
Greenhouse effect disappears, it rained 40 days and nights, waters above as seen in Day Two

During flood, water forces created all our MT. SYSTEMS as we know them.

World being flooded caused massive drop in temperature, creating ICE AGE..

Greenhouse effect gone, oxygen no longer rich at earth's surface, giganticism no longer possible

for dinosaurs of large size to survive once they came off ark. DINOSAUR EXTINCTION

Sun's harmful rays now hit surface eliminating some species of plants thus eliminating

some species of animals dependent upon the plants.

No longer constant temperature, now hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards etc.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, because of the flood, because of mans sins.


The world we live in suffers catastrophe's not because God sends them but because

man's sin caused God to save us by flooding the earth leaving it in

the fragile state as we know it today.



In Gen1:26; man had the ability to rule over the animals, in fact the animals don't

get the fear of men until after the flood, Gen.9:2;  Since the beginning of recorded

history man has used animals to do his work for him, transportation, plowing, and

even building With block and tackle elephants have been usde to do the grunt work

of large bulding projects. The Bible teaches dinosaurs lived the same time as man

and that all the animals were vegetarians, Gen.1:29,30. So if Noah and his 3 sons

had to build such a massive box to float all the animals, why wouldn't he take

advantage of the large animals that he could rule and didn't fear him?





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