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A look at the book of Ruth and the meanings behind the names.

The Gospel of Ruth

Definition of names is vital in understanding the

spiritual lesson found in this incredible book.

Elimelech - God is king
Naomi - beautiful
Mara - bitter
Mahlon - sickly
Chilion - wasting away
Orpah - back of neck, mane
Ruth - companion
Boaz - strength
Obed - a servant who worships

1. RUNNING AWAY FROM GOD - Sinful Lifestyle
Elimelech is a hypocrite, his name means, 'God is king'

but his actions show the opposite, he does not trust God to

help him through the famine so he flees Israel and lives in

Moab, with the enemies of God's people.

Like father like son, his sons become spiritually sick just like

their father and all three die.

Naomi being the faithful wife had to follow her husband, leaving the

land and God whom she loves, to stay with her family. She must

be the most incredible mother-in-law in the world because after

the men in her life die, as she leaves to return to Israel, both

daughter-in-laws want to remain by her side, probably because

of her spiritual strength Ro.10:15;

Not wishing for the girls to follow her she sets them free to return,

Orpah (back of neck) turns and stays in Moab. Ruth (companion)

wants to make Naomi's God her God and returns to take care of

Naomi who changed her name to Mara (bitter) for her family has died.


As Ruth gleans the fields and cares for Naomi, Boaz recognizes

Ruth's dedication to Naomi, Boaz gives her protection and blesses

her well with produce of the field. When asked by Ruth to be their

redeemer, Boaz agrees and marries Ruth, buys the land back and

they are blessed by God with a boy Obed.


Boaz represents the Christ like figure, the strength, able to deliver us all.

Naomi represents the Jews, Ruth, the Gentiles, both are united together

in the family of Boaz, as one family, one body. The outcome is Obed,

a servant who worships, Christians!


Get out of your sinful ways, you've been gone from God too long!

Repent before you die and those around perish as well. Come back

to God, He will redeem you and place you in His family, the body of Christ,

through the waters of baptism and your reward will be all the relationships

the church has to offer.


Lk.18:29,30; Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or wife

or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God who w

ill not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come,

eternal life. (1Jn.5:13)


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