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Tabernacle is the illustration of old testament symbolic of the life of Christ and symbolic of the body of Christ.

     Constructed by Moses in the wilderness in 1447 BC after

     he was given instructions from God. Heb.8:5; Ex.24:12 - 31:18

THREE SECTIONS – Outer Court, Holy Place, Holy of Holies

     A. Three Things in the OUTER COURT

              1. The Gate for the Outer Court,    Ex.27:16;

                   Here people offered their sacrifices - Lev.1:2-9;

              2. Altar of burnt offerings: Ex.27:1-8;

                  Here priests offer up to God the sacrifices, Lev.1:9

              3. Laver:  Ex.30:18-20;

                  Here priests cleansed themselves,

     B. Three Things in the HOLY PLACE

              1. Table of Shewbread: Ex.25:23-30;

                  The bread represents the people of God, Lev.24:5-9;

              2. Lampstand: Ex.25:31-40;

                  Burned continually, illumined Holy Place. Lev.24:2;

              3. Altar of Incense – prayers of people Ex.30:1-10;

                  The Veil: Ex.26:31-35 - 3 colors blue, purple, and scarlet

     C. The HOLY OF HOLIES - Ark of the Covenant

              3 Things Inside the Ark of the Covenant: Heb.9:4;

                   1. Aaron's Rod -   Num.17:10;

                   2. Tablets Stone - Ex.16:33f

                   3. Jar of Manna -  Ex.30:36;

              3 Things on top the Ark of the Covenant:

                   1. Mercy Seat -    Ex.25:22; 30:6;

                   2. 2 Cheribim -     Ex.25:18;

                   3. God's Presence (cloud) - Dt.31:14,15;

               7 is Perfection - Holy of Holies represents heaven on earth


                  OT WORSHIP

     1. The Men - into the outer court, sacrifice their offering

            then they would leave, taking what was left over.

     2. The Priests - into the Holy Place, after washing at laver,

            fresh bread, oil for lampstand, incense,

     3. The High Priest - into the Holy of Holies, once a year,

           Day of Atonement, for forgiveness of all the people.

    All men must attend 3 specific feasts every year. Lev. 23:37;

           Passover;  Pentecost;  Tabernacles


                LIFE OF CHRIST


      Cloud = The Angel of Lord = Christ Ex.13:21; 14:19; 23:20-23;

      Aaron's staff = resurrection = Jesus - Jn.11:25;

     Tablets of stone = Word of God = Jesus - Jn.1:1-3,14;

     Jar of Manna = Bread of Life = Jesus - Jn.6:35;

     Jesus came from heaven, from behind veil, Php.2:5-8;  Jn.1:1,14;


     1. Altar of incense - prayers of people,  Rev.6:9;  8:3,4;

         Zaccharius told Messiah was coming.  Lk.1:5-11;

     2. Lamp Stand - represents Holy Spirit,  Rev.4:5; 5:6;

         HS in Simeon - this Child is salvation of Israel Lk.2:25-35;

     3. Table of show bread - communion with people of God

          Jesus 3 days with teachers at the temple. Lk.2:46-49;


     1. Laver - represents baptism, Mt.28:19; Ac.2:38;

          Jesus introduced by John at His baptism  Lk.3:21-22;

     2. Altar of burnt offering represents dying to self  Mt.16:24-28; 

          Satan tempts 3 times, His will or God's will?  Lk.4:1-13;

     3. Gate to outer court - represents Word of God

          Jesus reading Isa. in synagogue,  Lk.4:16-21;


                       JESUS MINISTRY

        Jesus is 30 yrs old begins a 3 yr. ministry Lk.3:23;

Christ means anoint:                     Teaches 3 things 1Cor.3:13;

In OT they anointed 3 offices:           Only 3 things we can do:

    1. Prophet - Son of God                    1. Faith - what you think

    2. Priest - Son of Man                        2. Hope - what you do

     3. King - Son of David                       3. Love - what you say

               3 trials before the Jews - Annas, Caiphas, Sanhedrin

               3 trials before the Gentiles - Pilate, Herod, Pilate

               3 times Pilate proclaimed Him innocent

               3 miracles - darkness 3 hrs, veil torn, earthquake

               3 days and 3 nights in Hades



     Jesus was crucified - for all the world to see Heb.13:12;

     Word of God is everywhere for all men to find God Jn.6:44,45;

     Believing Jesus died for your sins, one is convicted, begotten by God Jn.3:5;

    To be saved you must follow Christ, by following His steps back into the temple,

    back into a spiritual relationship with God. Ac.2:37; Our job is to bring men to

    the point of asking the question, Brethren what shall we do? Then we show the

    way to the kingdom via the Tabernacle.



     1. Gate is available to all who BELIEVE     Mt.7:13,14;

         that the Word of God is inspired.           2Tim.3:16;

     2. Altar of burnt offering, die to self, REPENT   Ro.12:1,2; Mt.16:24-28;

          Have to die to yourself, once dead you need to be buried.

     3. Laver is our burial, BAPTISM      Ro.6:1-4; Mt.28:19; Ac.2:38;

          God resurrects us into the spiritual KINGDOM    Col.1:13;

                                                                                 Eph.2:4-7; Rev.20:6;


     1. Table of show bread is fellowship with saints.    1Jn.1:6,7;

     2. Lampstand is indwelling of the H.S.       Ac.2:38; Ro.8:9; 1Cor.6:19;

     3. Altar of incense – our prayers to Christ.            He.4:14-16;

Veil removed for direct access to throne of God.    Mt.27:51; Heb.10:19-25;

Veil is the colors of a beaten body              Mt.27:51; Heb.10:19;

Now there is but one place called the Holiest, one large room now   Heb.9:8,12,



     1. Ark of covenant – throne of God.   Heb.12:22f, 4:14f

         We are able to come and go.       Jn.10:9; Heb.4:16;


           No one comes to the Father except through Me Jn.14:6;

              1. The Gate = The Word = Jesus Jn.1:1;

              2. The door to the Holy Place = Jesus Jn.10:7;

              3. The veil = His Flesh; He.10:19


The Tabernacle teaches us OT Worship Pattern.

The Tabernacle teaches us about Jesus life.

The Tabernacle teaches us about the churhc of Christ.

All this from the Old Testament - Ac.17:2,17; 18:4,19; 19:8,9;

Paul did all his preaching from the OT, how much do we?


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