Self Control


                                   LEVITCUS – "and He called"

1. COMMUNION Lev.1-7

     1.BURNT OFFERING - Lev.1:1-17; - all goes to God
             1-9        Young bull – skinned                    6:8-13 Burn everything             7:8 Priest keeps
             10-13   Sheep/Goat                                                 all night, ashes                    skin/hide
             14-17   2 Turtle doves or 2 pigeons                     removed in AM                     Gen.3:21?
                          Sprinkle blood around the altar

     2.GRAIN OFFERING – Lev.2:1-16; all goes to priests
              1-3    Fine flour, oil, frankincense            6:14-23 Aaron/priests
              4-13 Baked unleaven cakes                                   Ordination offering by
           14-16 Early ripe– roasted, oil, incense                    priests burn all
                       Portion to fire, rest to Aaron/priests

     3.PEACE OFFERING - Lev.3:1-17; some to priests, most to you
            1-5     Bull        6-11 Sheep           12-17 Goat                         

                       Blood sprinkled around altar, Burn all fat, both kidneys & lobe of liver.
            3 Types of Peace Offerings:                       
                   Thanksgiving  7:11-18;
                   Votive, - 7:16;
                   Free will - 7:16; 
                        7:15-18 – Eat meat on 3rd day – or cut off
                        7:19-21 – You must be clean – or cut off
                        7:22-27 - Eat no fat or blood or cut off
                        7:28-38 – Breast to Aaron, right thigh to priests, rest goes to you, common meal.

     4. SIN OFFERING – Lev.4:1-35;
             1-12  Priest -                 Bull - sprinkle blood 7x before sanctuary, pour rest at altar
           13-21 Congregation –  Bull Burn remainder outside of camp.
           22-35 Individuals           Burn fat and kidneys on altar
                      Leader –               male goat Wipe blood on horns altar, pour rest at base
                      Commoner        - female goat, burn – all fat and kidneys
                      Commoner       – female lamb

                      6:24-30 Meat - priests, boiled in bronze pot

     5. GUILT OFFERING - Lev.6:1-30
            1-13 Doesn't give witness, touches unclean thing              7:1-10 priests who
                     touch human uncleaness, swears thoughtlessly                   serve shall eat
                     all unknowingly – shall confess then sacrifice:
                     Female lamb/goat – treated as sin offering
         14-19 Acts unfaithfully to Lord's holy things - unintentionally
                     Sacrifice – ram – as sin offering – make restitution + 1/5
          6:1-7 Sins knowingly, deceives, steals, extorts
                    Sacrifice – ram – as sin offering restitution + 1/5

      Jesus Consecrated His Priesthood – 1Pe.2:5,9; Eph.6:10-15; Rev.1:6; 5:10; 10:6;
      Moses Consecrated the Priesthood Vs.1-9
               Washed Aaron & sons                          - baptism Col.3:11,12;
               Put on tunic & girded with sash           - gird loins with Truth
               Robe                                                         - Robes of white Rev.19:8;
               Ephod                                                       - shield of faith
               Breastplate                                              - breastplate of righteousness
               Turban                                                      - helmet of salvation
               Crown                                                       - Crown of life
               (Urim & Thummim)                                - sword of the Spirit
                       Urim – Light                        = Holy Spirit – Rev.1:7; 4:5; 5:6;
                        Thummim – Perfection    = Word of God 1C.13:10;
                        These were a means of revelation used by the High Priest in giving YAWEH'S                                                                                                                                                                           answers to inquiries from the people. Heb.8:10-12

      Moses then Anointed with oil: Vs.10-13
               Tabernacle and all in it                            Today our prayers are the anointing:
               Altar 7x, utensils, basin                            see Jam.5:14
               Aaron on the head
      Moses to Aarons sons:
               Clothed them in tunics                            Robes of white
               Girded with sashes                                 Girded with truth
               Bound caps on them                              Helmut of salvation  

     Moses then sacrificed Vs.14-36
              Vs.14-17   Sin offering – bull - for Aaron and his sons
              Vs.18-21   Burnt offering - ram
              Vs.22-29   Ordination offering – blood on ear, thumb, toe
              Vs.30-36   Sprinkled blood on Aaron & sons 

     Jesus did everything for us

3. COMMITMENT  Lev.9,10
     Aaron obeys and offers his Sin offering, Burnt offering, Peace offering
     God's fire then consumed the Burnt offering and the people saw it.
     Peter and Paul great example of commitment in NT

     Nadab and Abihu offer strange fire and are consumed by the fire of God.
          "By those who come near Me, I will be treated as holy.
           And before all the people, I will be honored."
     Ananias and Sapphira great example of lack of commitment, Ac.5:1ff;

     1Sam.2:12-17; 22-25; 3:13; 4:17 Eli loses his 2 sons, Hophni & Phinehas
     1Sam.8:1-3 – Samuels 2 sons were Joel & Abijah were dishonest.

     Clean & Unclean Animals
             ANIMALS Vs.1-8
                   Those who chew the cud and have a split hoof are clean.
                   But not the camel, shaphan, rabbit, pig
             FISH Vs.9-12
                   Those with fins and scales are clean, not those without.
             BIRDS Vs.13-19
                   Those who are scavengers and preditors are unclean.
             WINGED INSECTS Vs.20-23
                   Only locust, crickets, grasshoppers, are clean
                              If you touch an unclean animal you will be unclean until evening.
                              Whatever walks on paws is unclean to you.
            SWARMING THINGS Vs.29-38
                  Mole, mouse, great lizard, gecko, crocodile, sand reptile, chameleon.

            TODAY – identify what is unclean to read, listen and watch, ie TV shows, movies etc             

             Mt.16:6-12 beware leaven of the Pharisees 1Cor.5:6-8; 2Tim.4:3-5; Gal.5:19-23


     MOTHERHOOD Lev.12 – isolate 40 days for a boy, 80 days for a girl.
          Time for healing, nurturing and bonding – Ro.14:1f weaker brethren

     LEPROSY Lev.13 – ways to identify leprosy – then isolate for 7 days.
           If it persists – tear his clothes, uncover his head, cover his mustache
                                    cry 'Unclean! Unclean!' – live alone outside the camp.
                    Church discipline – Mt.18:15-20; 1Cor.5:1-5;
           Garments with leprosy –7 day isolation –growth wash 7 more days
           Still a mark then burn the garment,
           If mark fades - tear out mark, keep garment, 7 days isolation. Wash

          Leprosy Healed by God Lev.14 - Ceremony - Prodigal Son
                  2 Birds – old man/new man – Ro.6:6,7; or Barabbas/Jesus Jn.18:39,40
                  Earthen ware vessel – your body – 2Cor.4:7;
                  Living water – Word of God – Jn.4:10; 7:38; 1Cor.10:4; Christ is the Rock
                            Lev.14:5,6; 50,51,52; Num.19;17; Red heifer Lev.15:13; Gen.26:19;
                 Cedar wood – cross-1Kin.5 Solomon lined temple with cedar – 2C.2:15,16
                 Hyssop – applicator for blood – Ex.12:22; Ps.51:7; heb.9:19; (Ex.24:8)
                 Scarlet String – Messiah – Lev.14:4,6; 51,52; Num.19:6; Heb.9:19;
                 Scarlet Thread – Gen.38:28; Jos.2:18,21; SoS.4:3;

                 See Jam.5:13-20 – Lost soul who is weary, spiritually sick, calls elders (priest)

                takes his confession, prays for him, prayer restores him into the fold and Jesus

                raises him back into the spiritual realm.
               See also 2C.2:5-11; Lk.15:11-32 Prodigal son, also lost sheep, lost coin
              Shave and wash, live outside his tent 7 days, shave and wash,
              8th day give guilt offering, 2 lambs, flour, oil.
Blood on his ear, thumb, big toe, oil on ear, thumb, big toe
Just like Aaron in Lev.8:23; Then Oil on top of his head, 8:12
Now he is restored, consecrated, to do the work of God.

Leprous House – empty the house, priest sees mark, isolate for 7 days
Mark grows – tear out stone and all plaster, re-plaster.
If mark breaks out again – tear down the house.
If mark has not returned, the house is clean.
*Slaughter one bird in earthenware vessel over living water,
Dipping the living bird, cedar, hyssop, scarlet string in the blood
Sprinkle the house 7 times, releasing the living bird,
Possibly for church discipline as well. See 2Tim.2:16-18; 2Pe.2:10-22;
1Jn.2:18-19; Jude 1:10-13; Mal.1:6-14;

Anything he touches or sits on becomes unclean and needs washing.
Anyone he touches or spits on becomes unclean and need washing.
Both are unclean until evening. Not isolated.

Becomes clean from discharge – count off 7 days –
On 8th day give 2 turtledoves to priest one for sin one for burnt offering
Same for seminal emission and menstrual cycle,
Thus they won't defile the Tabernacle and die.

6. SANITIZING Lev.16,17;
Day of Atonement – Lev.16 Jesus death – Heb.9:11-14; 27-28; 10:12;
High Priest dresses like a priest, linen – tunic, sash, turban, 8:13;
Sin offering – Bull, Burnt offering – ram for self and family
Sin offering two goats Burnt offering – ram for people
Enter the Holy of Holies with firepan and incense to hide ark of covenenat.
Enter again the Holy of Holies with the blood of the bull from sin offering.
Enter again the Holy of Holies with blood of goat from sin offering.
He has made atonement for himself, the priests, the people.
He has made atonement for holy of holies, tent of meeting, altar.
Lay hands and confess sins upon the scapegoat, send it to the wilderness
Take off holy garments, bathe dress.
Offer the burnt offering for himself, his family and the people, the two rams.
You will be clean from all your sins. Done on the 10th day of the 7th month.

Lev. 17 All acceptable animals must be slaughtered at the Tent of Meeting
Or that man shall be cut off.
Anyone who eats blood shall be cut off.
Anyone who eats a dead animal or torn animal must wash and bathe or be cut off
Give thanks to the Lord always – 1th.5:18; 1Tim.4:3-5; 1Jn.1:7;
7. SOCIAL LAWS Lev.18-22 2Peter.2:12ff

Lev.18 Immoral laws. Heb.13:4; 1Cor.5:1-5;
1-18 Not have sex with blood relatives or cousins
19-23 No sex during menstration, adultery, human sacrifice, homosexuality, bestiality,
24-30 Keep my statues, or be spewed

Lev.19 Reverence (fear) Laws Php.2:3,4; Mt.7:12;
1-8 You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy. 1Pet.1:14-16
Reverence your father and mother, and keep My Sabbaths, no idolatry
Eat the peace offering in two days, burn what's left on third day or be cut off

Lev.20 Penalty Laws 1Cor.6:9-11; 1Jn.5:16,17;
1-16.1 Death to those who: sacrifice children to Molech, who turn to mediums and spiritists or who practices the art, who curse their father or mother, commit adultery, lies with father's wife, lies with his daughter-in-law, homosexuals, marries a mother and daughter, bestiality,
17-21 These shall be cut off: lies with their sister, lies with menstruous woman,
Lies with aunt, uncle's wife, brothers wife,
22-27 Keep My statues or be spewed out,
You are to be holy to Me, for I the Lord am holy!

Lev.21 Laws for Priests 1Tim.3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9;
1-9 The priest shall not be defiled with a dead person except parents, virgin sister,
Cannot marry a relative; cannot make baldness on head, cut edges of beard,
Cut their flesh, not marry a harlot or divorcee, his daughter not be a harlot
He shall be holy for I the Lord am holy.
10-15 The High Priest shall not uncover his head, nor tear his clothes
Not leave sanctuary while serving for any reason
Approach any dead person not even parents, must marry a virgin,
16-24 Cannot serve if he has a defect, blind, lame, disfigured, deformed,
Broken foot or hand, hunchback, dwarf,....

Lev.22 Sundry Laws for Priest 1Cor.11:27-32;
1-9 Cut off if: approach unclean,
Can't eat holy food if a leper, has discharge until clean
10-16 No laymen may eat holy food, sojourner or hired man to priest.
But a priests slave and those born in his house may eat of it.
17-33 Their sacrifices must be with no defects,
So you shall keep My commandments


23. Religious Festivals Heb.10:23-25; Ac.20:7; Ro.14:5-9;
1-3 Sabbaths – 7th day of every week, complete rest, no work
4-14 Passover –14th day of 1st month – at twilight is Passover.
On the 15th begins the Feast of unleavened bread.
15-21 Pentecost – 50 days after the Sabbath of Passover.
22-44 Day of Atonement –10th day of 7th month, Lectureships = Feasts?
Feast of Booths – 15th day of 7th month Feast of Fall? Festival of Salvation

24. Gravity of Laws 1Th.5:12-22; 2Pet.1;5-11;
1-9 High Priest must keep lampstand burning, fresh bread every Sabbath.
10-17 Israelite's son cursed God, witnesses lay hands on him, congregation stoned him
18-23 Eye for an eye, one standard for all. Mt.5:7; Ja.2:13; Mt.18:15-20;

25. Sabbatical, Jubilee & Redemption
1-7 Every 7th year leave the land go fallow
8-22 Jubilee, every 50 yrs.
23-55 Redemption
23-34 – Redeeming property
35-46 - Lend without interest to a brother, release an Israel slave at Jubilee
47-55 – Redeeming an Israelite slave before Jubilee


26. Blessings & Curses Heb.12:3-11;
1-13 Blessings
14-39 Curses Heb.6:4-8;
40-46 Repent

27. Valuations for Vows
1-8 People
9-25 Possessions
26-34 Restrictions




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